• Robotic Tank Cleaning

Torkuaz Joburg & CYC International

Torkuaz Joburg is a specialist Project Development, Management and Consultancy company, proficient in Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining and New Business Generation, with capable service offerings in the Oil and Gas Sector.

CYC is established in 1969 by Chua Yong Chye specialized in tank cleaning, blasting and painting. CYC has the know-how to tackle and clean different types of tanks with different chemicals.

CYC International

CYC International and Torkuaz Joburg have formed a strategic partnership to provide the tank cleaning, blasting and painting service in South Africa, Turkey as well as in the International Oil and Gas market with an efficient & effective tank cleaning solutions.

TORKUAZ Joburg and CYC International are the exclusive agents and strategic partners for CNC WORLD’s Coke Drum Skirt Holes and Slot Cutting Technology.

We aim to conform, uphold and exceed the petroleum industries requirements in regards the quality, the service and the safety.





We offer professional solutions in refineries by reducing manpower in tank cleaning with robots.


  • Alternative, economical solutions for the future
  • Our robots are environmentally friendly
  • Perfectly safe and time effective
  • Cost effective
OLIVIA - Robotic tank cleaner


Purpose – Water Tank Cleaning.
Tank Size (diameter) – 100 M
Scope – Tank bottom;
Qty Manpower Required – Two (2)
1x Controller Operator

1 x Manpower as auxiliary personnel, i.e. to operate the pump and other supporting equipment, and to assist the controller operator.

Features – No – Man entry. Light Weight.Submersible Capable of removing sludge at bottom online at confined spaces such as cooling tower basin,sae water containment ,tunnels ,etc.

AGNES -  Robotic tank cleaner


Purpose – Tank internal Cleaning.
Tank Size (diameter) – 20 <
Scope – Tank bottom; up to 2m of the side shell
Qty Manpower Required – Four (4)
1x Controller Operator

3 x Manpower as auxiliary personnel, i.e. to operate the pump and other supporting equipment, and to assist the controller operator.

Features – No – Man entry. Explosion proof and removes sludge through a separate suction pump Compatible with chemicals & high temperatures up to 60°C.

SAMANTHA -  Robotic tank cleaner


Purpose – Tank Cleaning and paint removal
Tank Size (diameter) – 30 <
Scope – Side shell of tank & tank bottom
Qty Manpower Required – Two (2)
1 x Controller Operator

2 x auxiliary personnel, i.e. to install Samantha inside the tank, operate the pump and other supporting equipment, and to assist the controller operator.

Features – (After staff have installed robot inside tank)

Man-free method. Light weight. Ability to climb and wash side shell Capable of washing using Ultra High Pressure of up to 40,000psi or 2,750bar

Fiona-Underground Tank

Fiona-Underground Tank

Purpose – U/G or ISO Tank Cleaning
Tank Size (diameter) -10 >
Scope – Entire U/G or ISO tanks.
Qty Manpower Required –Three (3)
1 x Controller Operator

2 x auxiliary personnel to assist the operator in the set up and remove waste from the tank.

Features – No – Man entry. Cleans and removes waste from the entire tank internal WITHOUT man – entry. Explosion proof. Compatible with chemicals.

Coke Drum Skirt Holes & Slot Cutting

Coke Drums produce high calorie coke (Petrocoke). However, Coke Drum has an average life of 8 years. Coke Drums heat up between 100 and 400 degrees during production and this causes excessive stress on the outside temperature and the carrier skirt sheet. This tension disrupts the structure of the skirt sheet material and fractures the welds on it. The perforated slots on the carrier skirt plate minimize the stresses on the skirt plate. As a result of this process, the service life of the Coke Drum Units increases up to 16 years. We successfully completed this process in Coke Drums in Tüpraş İzmit Refinery in April 2019.

Robotic Tank Cleaning

Torkuaz Joburg and CYC International preform tank cleaning, with our fantastic robots helping reduce manpower nationwide. Thanks to our strong team, we are able to produce solutions according to the characteristic features of each tank.

Petroleum Products

Torkuaz Joburg has given confidence to its suppliers thanks to its partnerships and strong relationships in the international market. DFT Petrol sells Petroleum products to distributors in the global market.

Foreign Trade and Consultancy

Torkuaz Joburg is an importer in the Petroleum sector with DFT Petrol, a Turkey partner company. They supply coal in mining which provides consultancy services to foreign companies.

Petroleum Products

Torkuaz Joburg Petroleum trading,distribution companies provide the supply chain by securing  LPG (Liquefied petroleum product),
AVGAS 100 LL (Aviation Gasoline), ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel), GASOILGASOLINE, MGO (Marine Gas Oil) the process
to customers from national or international trading company and refineries.


We ship a typical South African steam coal and coal from other regions. We provide steaming coal for use in the electric power generation industry and general industrial concerns such as cement production.

LPG Cylinder Manufacture New Development

Torkuaz Joburg has partnered with Sankur Ltd, a leading LPG Cylinders Company with over 40 years’ experience and operations in Turkey, Libya, Bangladesh, to develop LPG Manufacturing Plant in South Africa, one out the first of its kind on our continent.

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