Coke Drum Skirt Holes & Slot Cutting

Coke DrumUnits

Coke Drums produce high calorie coke (Petrocoke).
However, Coke Drum has an average life of 8 years. Coke Drums heat up between 100 and 400 degrees during production and this causes excessive stress on the outside temperature and the carrier skirt sheet.
This tension disrupts the structure of the skirt sheet material and fractures the welds on it.
The perforated slots on the carrier skirt plate minimize the stresses on the skirt plate. As a result of this process, the service life of the Coke Drum Units increases up to 16 years.
We successfully completed this process in Coke Drums in Tüpraş İzmit Refinery in April 2019.

The technology used was patented worldwide with the patent number TR 2019/08508.
Tüpraş and CNC Center are patent partners.
All international projects of Tüpraş It will be planned and coordinated by CNC Center.

Project Stages

Project Stages
1. The opening of the perforated slots is done with the system developed by our company with completely machining principles and absolutely no welding and flame cutting is used.

2. Approval of the project was given by Coke Drum Insurance company Wood PLC.

3. It does not harm the molecular structure of the skirt sheet.

4. In our project, it was determined that there was no capillary cracking by penetrating test.

5. There are stone wool insulation material on the front and back of the skirt plate. The disassembly and assembly of the insulation material on the back side takes a long time. With the system we developed, only the insulation material on the front side is removed and all operations are performed without removing the rear insulation. No personnel work behind the skirt plate and the process is completed in a very short time.

6. Deburring, chamfering and radius making on the front and back sides are made according to the technical drawing.

7. Hole diameter, inter-hole axis, slot width and angle between surrounding slots are within tolerances given in the drawing

Super Duplex O-Ring Grooving Project

Project of opening O-Ring Channel with Mobil Engineering to the pump body connection flange of two vertical shaft centrifugal pumps buried in concrete with 250.000 m³ water per hour capacity. The pump body connection flange material is super duplex stainless steel.

Classical Method

Since the body connection flange is the whole with the lower body, concrete had to be broken and the pump body had to be removed and the O-Ring channel opened by machining in the outside. Then the pump connection housings were to be re-placed, poured concrete and assembled. This method would cause loss of production of the Power Plant for a long time.

In the first stage, the motor and the connecting bridge were removed. Safely lowered. Then the fan and front group were removed and gathered outside. The shaft and shaft bearings were checked and maintained.

Mobile Engineering

With the machine specially designed for the project, the O-Ring Channel was opened to the pump body connection flange in the concrete without breaking the concrete and sea water was prevented from damaging the concrete. After that, the pump was collected and the operations for the second pump were repeated. We have successfully completed the project in a shorter time than anticipated. The Power Plant continued to operate without losing production time.

Mobile Heat Exchanger Lathe

By turning and milling on-site with the machines we have designed and manufactured specifically for the project; the deformation of the gasket printing surfaces was removed. Stim leakage was prevented as a result of this procedure and all procedures were performed on site mobile.

We reduced plant dismantling, logistics and assembly costs to the lowest level and saved our customers production time.

TORKUAZ JOBURG supplies stable high quality products to its customer chains in the global market.