Aviation gasoline AVGAS

AVGAS  100LL is a high octane mixture of hydrocarbons  prepared by the processing of crude oil. It contains anti- knock, anti-oxidant, dye and anti-static additives.
AVGAS 100 LL is used to power piston-engine aircraft.
Properly stored aviation gasoline meets requirements of the above specification in a period of not less than 24 months from the date of manufacture.

The Gromovo ProductionSpecifications and main Criteria

Our terminal is located on a 19,3-hectare site next to Gromovo town, Priozrsky district Leningradsky region. It is one of the most technically advanced oil products re-handling and distilling terminals nearby St. Petersburg. Also there is a storage area designed for the calibrated products.
The discharge capacity is 2 000 t / day. The loading capacity is 1 000 t / day.

We Offer

Receiving, storage and shipping of oil products by lorry and train in gasoline tankers and gasoline tracks, laboratory control, preparation of all the necessary documents;
We receive, process, store and ship the gas condensate and refined products (low-viscosity component of marine fuels with a sulfur content no more than 250 ppm, a solvent for industrial purposes).

The Production Classification

According to the total capacity and the maximum volume of the tank – III b category
Transshipment terminal function
Rail/car transportation
Rail/car transportation
According to the annual cargo turnover
(100 thous. – 500 thous. t/year) – Group 2
Tank farm capacity – 10 450 m3

Packaging Storage and Transportation

Aviation gasoline AVGAS 100LL is delivered in a special tank trucks, iso-tank containers and steel drums approved for transport of aviation gasoline. Make sure that the packaging in which gasoline will be transported is clean, dry and undamaged. Each package unit as well as truck’s transport documents should clearly and permanently indicate:

TORKUAZ JOBURG supplies stable high quality products to its customer chains in the global market.